Spotify Premium Apk Latest v8.5.33.850 Download Online Without Rooting your Device!

Spotify Premium APK is a music streaming application that Provides a free premium content of Spotify apk. Here you will get everything about Spotify premium (which is basically a modified version of Spotify). It is one of the most prominent audio streaming platforms, with a free premium service; it has a vast music collection that too in a single click.

Moreover, Spotify premium free works worldwide with premium features at no cost zero advertisements. Spotify premium apk 2020 has a huge collection of audio files, around 50 million tracks.

In Spotify premium free, users can create their own playlist, by adding their desired songs. Furthermore, they can also share their songs playlist. Spotify premium for android is accessible in Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS and much more.

Spotify allows its users to access Spotify free android content for 3 months as a trial period. Spotify Premium download has divided its services as Spotify premium free download for the different targeted audiences.

spotify premium apk

Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify premium apk is a modified version of Spotify premium original application. In the apk version, users don’t need to pay for the premium content. Spotify premium latest version apk provides good quality of music and other audio files without advertisement with unlimited downloading and many other such facilities.

Spotify premium is the best to go for, as Spotify premium full 2020 is not only limited to good quality content but also provides unlimited music without paying a penny.

In the free package of Spotify original users can skip only 6 songs per hour, whereas in Spotify no ads apk it allows unlimited skips in an hour and also allows to listen to the desired music independently.

App Name: Spotify premium apk

Version: v8.5.33.850

Supported Version: Android 4.1 or above

Last Updated: December 20, 2019

Furthermore, Spotify++ android doesn’t ask you to root your device, also you don’t need to install any other app to run Spotify Premium no root. In addition, Free Spotify premium hack is not only bounded to songs but it also has a vast collection of audiobooks and poetry.

Features of Spotify Premium Apk?

It has the same features as Spotify premium and possesses the same features. It almost has 150 million users. With streaming it also allows its users to download the audio in variable quality. Given below are some user-friendly features of Spotify premium.

No advertisements

It has no advertisement and unlimited songs skip, also in the Spotify Premium app you don’t need to pay for ad-free content, as it provides the whole features and the same content at no cost.

Unlimited music

In Spotify premium, one can access the whole content without any restrictions and without compromising in the audio quality. At the same time, users can play their desired music or songs without thinking about the shuffle and limited skip of the songs.

Free downloading

spotify premium apk no internet

It allows users to download the songs or any other audio file at no cost. Spotify premium free apk allows downloading of audio content that too in variable quality as per the network.

Unlimited skips

spotify premium apk skips

In Spotify premium mod apk, the numbers of skips are not limited, although you can play the songs of your choice directly.

Choose songs

spotify premium apk songs

Spotify premium for free has a large number of songs and other such audio tracks including poetry audio clip and other such stuff. It allows users to search for the desired song directly, it also provides unlimited skips.

Share the playlist

spotify premium apk playlist

Spotify premium allows its users to make their own playlist and to share the playlist with others. It is one of the features which other such apps do not provide.

No root required

spotify premium apk ok

In order to download Spotify Premium latest Mod APK, No root is required. It can be installed on any Android device without root access. It works perfectly fine on non-rooted devices.

Technical specifications of Spotify Premium Apk

Last UpdatedDecember 20, 2019
Type Lite MOD
Supported Android VersionAndroid 4.1 & Higher
App Versionv8.5.33.850
App Size20 MB

How to install Spotify Premium mod Apk?

For downloading Spotify premium apk one does not need to have a wide technical knowledge, you can get the downloading link of Spotify premium apk here. Given below are the detail instructions to get Spotify premium for android.

  • Download the Spotify Premium app from a trusted site.
  • Go to the download page, and start downloading.
  • Launch the APK file saved under the ‘Download’ folder.
  • Read carefully before you click on ‘Install’.
  • You need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ under settings of your Android device.
  • Simply go to security settings to enable the said option.
  • Soon, the app will start installing.
  • When installed, open Spotify App.
  • Create an account and register yourself which is absolutely free.
  • You’re all set to enjoy tracks you love.

Perks & Benefits of Spotify Premium app

There are various advantages of Spotify premium, although it can’t be downloaded from the play store. Given below are the advantages of having Spotify premium apk.

  • Free streaming to audio including songs, podcasts, poetry and much more.
  • Allow users to search for a particular type of song and get the whole collection of songs of the desired musician.

Is Spotify available in Your country?

It is not accessible throughout the world, It is legally available in 36 countries. Although one can use Spotify premium apk anywhere. Given below are the countries in which Spotify and Spotify premium works.

Argentina, Algeria, Brazil, Bahrain, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Egypt, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Mexico, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Paraguay, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa,   Tunisia, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam.

How to download music from Spotify Premium Apk?

Downloading music from Spotify hacked apk is easy and convenient. Given below are the steps to follow for Spotify premium 2020 free download full version.

  • Open Spotify premium and login to the account.
  • After logging in, the official page appears (Home, Browse, Search, Radio, and Library)
  • Add songs to the library or make a playlist.
  • Open the playlist, at the top corner download option, is situated Spotify premium with offline listening.
  • Downloading completed.

spotify premium apk music

Spotify Premium Apk is Legal or illegal?

Spotify premium free is a legal audio streaming application whereas Spotify Premium apk is illegal and unethical as it is not the original application. It is a modified version of Spotify Premium, which has some paid services. Although, Spotify Premium provides the same at no cost. Hence using Spotify Premium apk is illegal and not authorized. Furthermore, Spotify doesn’t contain any virus and malicious clip, but if your account has been detected by the Spotify, then they might block you permanently.


Spotify premium is a paid version of Spotify, whereas Spotify premium apk is an illegally modifies version which provides the same paid feature at no cost. For music freaks who don’t want to pay for a premium subscription, Spotify Premium is a good opportunity. All the premium features here are unlocked.


Techmestre does not support any illegal activity in anyways. Using such illegally modified content is strictly prohibited in India and in many other countries according to the law.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

How do I get Spotify Premium APK for free?

Getting Spotify premium apk for free is not that easy, as it is not available Google play store, and other such authentic app stores, the user needs to visit the official website of the Spotify premium apk and get the latest version of the Spotify premium apk.

Is Spotify Premium APK safe?

Accessing Spotify premium apk is safe, but if the account gets caught by the Spotify original, it might be possible that they blocked the users account permanently. Apart from this, downloading music from the apk version of Spotify premium if safe and secure.

How can I get Spotify Premium free forever?

The user cannot get the Spotify premium free forever from Spotify, but they definitely get access to the premium features of the Spotify through the Spotify premium apk, that allow the user to get the access of premium features at free of cost and without advertisement.

How do I download Spotify Premium APK?

The user can download the Spotify premium apk from its official website, as the cracked or the modified version of apps are not available on the google play store and other such authentic app stores.

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