Download WAP WhatsApp APK v16 (Latest Version) Official

WAPWhatsApp is a mod apk version of the original WhatsApp, it has become a popular choice on the internet for mod apk users. It is a user-friendly app where you get many customization options. These options allow you to change settings as per your preferences, such customisation options will help you in making dull online chat platforms more interesting and fun to use.


Wapwhatsapp v16 is not available in the Play Store because it is a mod version that is not authorized by the original WhatsApp. With this app, you will be able to explore more and get a personalized experience. You can choose from a wide range of themes, change wallpapers and make stickers on Wapwhatsapp. Apart from this, you get a safe and secure app package that will not harm your device.


WAPWhatsApp has always been a growing and improving mod APK since its inception. It keeps on adding new features and minimises bugs on the app. Wap Whatsapp also takes inspiration from some other good modded apps and makes it better with its own tweaks. It is because of its ever-improving features that this app has become popular.


WAPWhatsApp bundles in a ton of features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. You can not only change themes and fonts but can also improve your privacy with its features. Using this app will give a makeover to your daily experience of using online messaging apps.

  • Group Message Counter
  • No watermarks or advertisements
  • Multiple variants to download
  • Multiple UIs
  • More emojis
  • Better Privacy functions
  • Share Pictures with no limit
  • Share videos with no size limit
  • Better privacy features

All of the features mentioned above will enhance the overall experience of using this app. You won’t have to compromise on both features as well as privacy. You can customize your wallpaper, user interface fonts etc. All this provides the user with the settings of this app which makes it even better.

Four Versions you can download

You can get four versions in WAPWhatsApp, but it’s better to download the latest version if it supports your device. The latest version of Wap Whatsapp has many advanced features and it’s free from all the bugs. To download wap Whatsapp you must uninstall the official WhatsApp because it is a modded version.

WAPWhatsApp APK Information:

Supported DeviceAndroid 4.1+

WAPWhatsApp has the potential to improve the features of the original WhatsApp which is already famous. Some users realise the potential of such modded apps and consider using them as their daily driver for online messaging, because of such advanced features, people get used to the app very easily. It also improves users’ privacy which is the main concern of many WhatsApp users.

You can also download other modded versions of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Plus or FMWhatsApp. These two mod APKs are also very popular and have got good reviews. The number of modded apps are increasing exponentially as many developers and users are understanding the true potential of mod APKs. If you want to download the WhatsApp app wap then make sure your device has Android 4.1 or a later version to avoid compatibility issues.

How to download?

WAPWhatsApp keeps getting regular updates to remove bugs and improve the features of the app. If you are looking to download the latest version of this app then you will get three distinct packages.

The 1st two packages help utilise the MOD app. One thing you must remember is that you would need to use Google Sans Font Style. This app will use the application as another digit in WhatsApp. To download the app you can click the download button.

How to Install?

To install WAPWhatsApp you would need to uninstall the original WhatsApp. After downloading the app, click on the APK package and then give all the necessary permissions. After giving permissions, just tap on the install option and you will get the app on your phone.


What is WAPWhatsApp?

WAPWhatsApp is one of the most popular modded versions of the original WhatsApp. This mod APK provides many features that you can’t get on the original WhatsApp.

How to Download WAPWhatsApp?

You can safely download this app from this site, although make sure you enable the download from unknown sources.

How to install WAPWhatsApp

To install WAPWhatsApp you need to uninstall the original WhatsApp first. Once you have done that, just click on the APK package and allow all the permissions.

Final Verdict

After going through all the points, we can definitely say that WAPWhatsApp is one of its kind. It provides multiple features that can enhance your user experience of the app. This app can change boring online messaging into an interesting and fun app. You can get a personalized experience by setting up the options as per your preferences. You can change fonts, themes wallpapers etc.

So after considering all the interesting features that this modded app offers, it is a no brainer to download this app. Using this app can open new doors to interesting online messaging for you. You don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your device either, because the developers of this app keep providing new updates to keep on fixing the bugs. You also get new features and better-optimised app performance with each update.

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